2017 goals

2017 for me kicked off with a nice summer holiday. T and I were lucky enough to go on a lovely little break away to the Coromandel on New Zealand’s East Coast. Sun, beach, fishing, seafood, wines, good company and plenty of good food – everything that makes for a perfect kiwi summer.

As I’m now back into the daily grind, I felt inspired to do up a list of things I want to achieve this year. While I’m not one for New Years resolutions as such, I am big on settings goals, and the start of a new year is a good time to jot down some things I want to achieve.

Here are a few goals for 2017…

Travel, travel, travel!

Nothing excites me more than travel plans. I am forever dreaming up trips so all I need to do is pick some places and lock it in. This is what I live for!
I have a little trip to Sydney planned in April and just need to decide on where to go for a bigger trip.
Places I’m feeling at the moment are:  Hawaii, Cuba, Argentina, Canada, London, Croatia, Italy, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, maybe the Pacific Islands… ahhh so many options!

Spend my time more wisely

In my ripe old age of 30, I’ve come to realise how truly precious time is. I started to take note of the time I was spending mindlessly scrolling on my phone and mucking around. I didn’t realise how much time this was actually all taking. So the plan is less time on my phone and mucking around, and more time doing things I love like reading, cooking, walking and most importantly spending time with the people I love.

Healthy living

It’s funny how something so important can so easily be taken for granted. I recently had to go for a heart scan at the hospital, and watching my heart, my own little heart, pump away on the screen was a pretty amazing thing to see. It really made me realise how important our internal bodies are. I think sometimes we get caught up on perfecting the external that we easily forget how utterly important our internal is.
So my goal is to make sure I get more of the good stuff into me, while also making time to exercise (actively seeking participants to kick a rugby ball with, go for bush walks or play tennis. All offers considered).

Perfect my Italiano

I plan to keep chipping away at learning to speak Italian. I’ve been able to teach people some words, but I’m still definitely yet to learn more. Luckily as I child I learnt the basics of the Maori language which has helped me to master my Italian (which are very similar).
I will keep at it… Amalfi Coast I’m coming soon. I promise!

So those are my goals. Nothing too extreme, but something for me to focus on this year. I guess we need to have something positive to focus on with everything that’s happening in the world, right?

Have you got any goals for the year?

Erin xo

One thought on “2017 goals

  1. Good for you Erin, I feel ya on the whole setting goals situation. All the best with your goal achieving, I bet you will get to achieve a lot of these goals this year.

    Lennae xxx


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